W & B Investments LLC
Naeem Wahab
Managing Partner
Email: naeem@wbinvestments.net
Mr. Wahab brings many years of financial and organizational experience to the Company; he is also President of Cal Coast Financial Corporation, a 20 year old company and Partner of BWR Real Estate Services. He has a track record of accomplishment in Sales, Marketing and strategic Management. His logical thinking and natural team leadership abilities combined with problem solving and decision making skills add strength to the future of the Company. He has also developed and managed new ventures, including establishing strategic partnerships, identifying new markets, and developing new business opportunities and managing high level account relationships.
Mr. Wahab has travelled extensively, understands and deeply appreciates cultural diversities.
Roger Bakshi
Managing Partner
Email: roger@wbinvestments.net
Roger Bakshi’s many years of valuable & broad experience in investment, business, government and other industries helps guide the direction of the company, additional responsibilities include CEO Cal Coast Financial Corporation and President of BWR Real Estate Services. Mr Bakshi’s perspective on business & investment helps the company plan for the future.
Mr. Bakshi is a graduate in Marketing Management from the University of California, Berkeley and Graduate in Business Management from Ohlone College, Fremont.
Dean Moideen
Email: dean@wbinvestments.net
Dean Moideen is the Chief Financial Officer  of the company and  also responsible for the company’s business development worldwide.
Mr. Moideen is a professional who is visionary, innovative, goal oriented with more than two decades of experience and expertise in financing. The wide spectrum of industries includes International Trade, businesses, commercial and residential projects nationwide. Mr. Moideen’s financial and analytical skills enable structuring of financial proposals to suit the financing needs of the prospective entrepreneur or company. During the course of his career he has established strategic contacts with major financial institutions, money managers and pool of private investors. He is heavily involved in emerging technologies and start up businesses as well as funding for ongoing business.
Mr. Moideen is a Graduate in Physics and Maths and post Graduate Diploma in Sound Engineering
Inderjit Mundra, CTO
Inderjit Mundra based in Silicon Valley is responsible for the Company’s support ranging from financing startups in various industries to developing and implementing financial strategies.
Mr. Mundra has many years in the High Tech industry with experience and expertise in startup environments for high volume products & markets. Many other areas of contribution include operational, strategic and advisory roles, intellectual property, off shore manufacturing. He has experienced many startups from concept to product delivery and enjoys that very much. His interests include materials with new physical properties, digital media, consumer solutions and energy solutions.
Inderjit Mundra holds Bachelors Degrees in Maths & Physics with honors from CSU Sacramento and Graduate studies at UC Davis in Plasma Physics. He is actively involved with non-profit organizations to implement programs in the local community for young children and the elderly.
Yathish Sarathy, COO
Yathish Sarathy is the Chief Operating Officer of the Company and  responsible for the overall portfolio management and ideation.  Yathish has several  years of  technology consulting and start-up experience, including several  years at  eBay heading up the Prototype Research and Development team.  Yathish has an avid interest in the evolution of search technologies and is currently involved in researching how search technologies can generate a more personal user experience by integrating and adapting social networking concepts. He has also patents in the field of Machine Learning and Social Search. Yathish has a Bachelors degree from Indian Institute of Technology and is an active participant in several Technology forums and discussion boards.